Machine Gun Kelly Proposes Move To Texas Because His 'Life's In Shambles'

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Machine Gun Kelly's performance at Rodeo Houston this week was filled with jokes about cowboy life, his rock side and even Tom Petty and Paramore covers. But perhaps the most shocking revelation was the "my ex's best friend" singer's proposal to move to the Lone Star State.

"Don't you guys kind of feel like I should just move to Texas? I could do it. My life's in shambles," the Ohio native told the announced crowd of nearly 55,000 on Tuesday (March 14), the Houston Chronicle reports. MGK's dramatic statement came after his fiancée Megan Fox attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party by herself and without her engagement ring, either.

The two have been going through it in recent weeks, to say the least. Fox introduced cheating allegations with a cryptic Instagram post that included intentional Beyoncé lyrics, and the two went back and forth in the days after that. MGK's guitarist Sophie Lloyd was even brought into the mix, but Fox shut those rumors down with yet another post on IG that said "there has been no third party interference in this relationship of any kind."

Elsewhere in MGK's Rodeo Houston set, he was sure to play up the "cowboy" angle. "Now I can officially say, 'Hey, this ain't my first rodeo,'" he said at one point during the show. "I always thought I'd make a good cowboy. Smoke cigars. Drink whiskey. I like reverse cowgirl," he said at another.

Here's a look at MGK's Rodeo Houston setlist:

  1. maybe
  2. god save me
  3. concert for aliens
  4. kiss kiss
  5. 5150
  6. drunk face
  7. I Think I'm OKAY
  8. Free Fallin' (Tom Petty cover)
  9. make up sex
  10. ay!
  11. el Diablo
  12. FLOOR 13
  13. papercuts
  14. Misery Business (Paramore cover)
  15. forget me too
  16. Pony (a cappella, Ginuwine cover)
  17. bloody valentine

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