Years In The Making, Randy Travis Documentary Gets New Premiere Date

1 Night. 1 Place. 1 Time: A Heroes & Friends Tribute to Randy Travis

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What started as a 25th anniversary project spurred into a highly-anticipated documentary about Randy Travis. Now, more than a decade in the making, the documentary officially has a premiere date.

In 2011, More Life started as a concert special to mark a quarter century since Travis released his studio album Storms of Life in 1986. But it turned into a full documentary that delves into the “Forever and Ever, Amen” singer’s life and legendary career. More Life was nearly finalized in 2013, when Travis suffered a stroke. The film includes Travis’ journey to rebuild his health with his wife Mary by his side, as well as other significant moments, according to Billboard, which first reported the documentary’s release date. Travis said in a statement:

“Though this documentary began as a 25th anniversary special, it quickly pivoted into a chronicled celebration of life’s setups and setbacks, after my massive stroke in 2013. Mary and I thank the perseverance and patience of the wonderful team that waited and believed in it until completion … the ones that care and protect the legacy of my music.
“With the colorful life I lived and four roller-coaster decades in the music and movie industry, there are infinite stories to tell in a finite timeframe. As I watch and listen to the cadence of kind words, special memories, and well-wishes from friends and colleagues, captured in the documentary, I am reminded of the blessed life God has given me. I appreciate those who gave more love along the way, and the fans that continue to shed more light along my path. There aren’t words that express the gratitude I have for the ones that came along when the day was dim, the future unknown … that gave me More Life.

Circle All Access shared in a tweet on Thursday (January 20): “We are honored to premiere [Randy Travis]' 'More Life' Thursday, February 10 at 8:30/7:30c pm exclusively on Circle TV!”

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