Photographer Gets Pic Of Baboon Holding Baby Just Like In The Lion King

One of the most memorable scenes in The Lion King is when Rafiki stands on a mountaintop and holds up Simba to all the other animals, showing them their future king. Now, events very similar to that panned out in the wild and one nature photographer was able to capture it all

Dafna Ben Nun was taking some pictures in Zimbabwe when she encountered a group of baboons. Now while Rafiki is a mandrill who famously says in the beloved film, "It means you're a baboon. And I'm not," it seems all different kinds of monkeys like to hold things to the sky, because that's just what happened while Dafna was watching. 

She posted a photo of what she witnessed, captioning it, "Baboon with a baby, same as the Disney Lion King scene."


It turns out though, not everything was fun about what Ben Nun was seeing. The baboon holding the baby up actually took the young animal from it's mother. The next picture Dafna posted showed the mom taking her baby back. 


The photographer wasn't too surprised by what she saw, explaining to CTV News, "I've seen it happen before. I think they're all raising the children together. I haven't been there enough to learn about it."

Ben Nun plans to head back to Zimbabwe and you can see all the photos she takes here

Photo Credit: Disney


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