"Dead Serious...About Life"

Presented by Mishpachah, Inc.: 

"Dead Serious...About Life" is a production written to appeal to teenagers. It is upfront...it is blunt...it is life! The story begins at Spencer and Stephanie’s house. Mom and Dad have left for the weekend, so let the party begin! Throughout the course of the evening, you will meet the characters with their different personalities, their numerous problems and their view about their lives. "Dead Serious" will expose us all to the issues of abortion, alcohol, bullying, drugs, religion, self-esteem, sex and suicide...issues that all too often we don’t want to talk about or face. Well, hang onto your seat, ' cause this production cuts it wide open. It will make you laugh, cry, hurt, fear and feel...but most of all "Dead Serious" will make you take a second look at life."

For tickets and more information click HERE or call 513-459-7268


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