New Music: White Reaper - The World's Best American Band

I first checked out White Reaper after picking up their first couple of releases during a sale at Polyvinyl Records. Their lo-fi, indie/garage rock sound pulled me in and I was instantly hooked. So when they announced their sophomore album The World's Best American Band, I was ready for more.

When you call your album The World's Best American Band, you've got to be ready to back it up. From the start of the record, White Reaper does just that, over and over again. From the title, the cover art, and the sounds of the cheering crowd that kicks it off, the entire album is filled with a tongue-in-cheek swagger that is almost instantly endearing. 

With The World's Best American Band White Reaper has crafted a fun, catchy album that demands to be listened to blasting through your car speakers with the windows down. Get ready to believe, and don't miss them when they hit Madison Live! on May 6th, AND just one month later in June at Bunbury Music Festival!

Buy it now from Polyvinyl Records while they still have this sweet red "Early Bird" edition vinyl:

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