New Music: Whips - The Ride

There are a handful of record labels that I always pay attention to when they announce a new release. One of those is Skeletal Lightning, who happens to be releasing The Ride the sophomore album from Milwaukee based Whips. When I heard "Goldmine", the first single from The Ride, it immediately grabbed my attention. 

I really liked the song, but admittedly after a few listens to "Goldmine", I wondered if the entire album would move at such a breakneck pace. Thankfully that was a stupid thought, because not only does Whips change it up on the album, but the change in tempo results in some of it's best moments.

Tracks like "Nobody's Fool", and "Testify" take a break from the driving pace but stand out as a couple of the most rewarding tracks on the album. I found myself hitting repeat on "Nobody's Fool" more than once. 

Grab The Ride, out TODAY on Skeletal Lightning (and if you want vinyl, you better do it quick!)

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