The Friday Five: 5/4/18 - Florence + the Machine, Shinedown and more!

Welcome to the Friday Five here on The Project! Each Friday, we'll feature five things you need to know, including albums releases, new singles, music news, and more to kickoff your weekend. 

1. Festivals this Weekend: Shaky Knees, Beale Street, and Carolina Rebellion

It's a good weekend to go to a music festival! The festival I wish I could be at this weekend is Shaky Knees in Georgia, featuring Jack White, The National, and solid alternative rock line-up, sure to make you jealous you don't live in "Hot-lanta." If you've got some extra coin to toss around, tickets are still available. 

Honorable mentions go to Beale Street Festival in Memphis, featuring quite a few cross-over acts from Shaky Knees, but with more hip-hop artists like Post Malone and Logic on the bill, and to Carolina Rebellion in Charlotte featuring Muse and Alice in Chains. Tickets are still up for grabs for these festivals as well.

Side note, Queens of The Stone Age are playing all three of these festivals, so if you're a fan, now is an excellent chance to see them live.

2. Album Release: Attention, Attention by Shinedown


Attention, Attention is Shinedown's sixth studio album, a much heavier effort, musically and conceptually, than their last album, Threat To Survival. It's an album that watches the progression of very negative emotions and as someone works through them, digging deep into the psyche and pulling out some really great music.  

Shinedown held an iHeartRadio Release Party in New York a few days before the album came out, featuring new and old music. If you're up for a road trip, they'll be at Rupp Arena on May 8th with Five Finger Death Punch, Starset, and Bad Wolves.

3. News: The 1975 Countdown Clock

What the hell is The 1975 up to? Earlier this week, the band's website was updated to a cryptic countdown clock, ending on June 1st. Based on the looped video behind the countdown clock, and their strange Instagram posts, the theme seems to revolve around everything digital and how it's affecting our relationships with other humans. I dig it, and between the countdown clock and Matt Healy's green hair, it's keeping a lot of other people intrigued. 

If you want a full breakdown of all the clues, Alternative Press has all the findingsthe band has left. Either way, I can't wait for June 1st. 

4. New Music: "Hunger" by Florence + the Machine


We finally got new music from Florence + the Machine! Her new album, High As Hope, will be out on June 29th, the fourth studio album, and follow up to 2015's How Big, How Beautiful, How Blue. It's a fantastic song, and something you should add to your weekend playlist, featuring her gorgeous, soaring vocals. 

Other than three festivals, no tour dates has been announced yet. Hopefully with the album release, we might be able to get one in the fall, stay tuned!

5. New Music: "Ashes" by Celine Dion (Deadpool 2 Soundtrack???)


Something wonderful happened yesterday. As someone who is highly invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I hold a special place in my heart for Deadpool. I could go on about the engaging, hilarious marketing, and how perfect Ryan Reynolds is, but I'd never get this blog posted in time.

Celine Dion, the last person on Earth who you'd expect to make a song for a superhero movie, especially a movie that is all raunchy, fourth-wall breaking as this one, sings a beautiful, heartbreaking song entitled "Ashes," while the Merc with a Mouth does interpretive dance around her. You'll wonder if you should be moved to tears or laugh your ass off. I've already watched it ten times, and yes, it's still funny. 

Deadpool comes out on May 18th, as well as the soundtrack, featuring tracks from Run The Jewels and Skrillex. 

Happy Friday, enjoy copious amounts of Mexican food this weekend!


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