The Friday Five: 4/20/18 - Record Store Day, State Champs, and more!

Welcome to the Friday Five here on The Project! Each Friday, we'll feature five things you need to know, including albums releases, new singles, music news, and more to kickoff your weekend. 

1. New Single: State Champs release "Dead and Gone"


Pop-punkers, State Champs, dropped their lead single, "Dead and Gone," from their upcoming album, Living Proof, set to release on June 15th. After teasing fans earlier this week, the band dropped the single AND a new music video, with an bright and upbeat sound, sure to have you bobbing your head along. Catch them on Warped Tour this year when they swing by Riverbend on July 19th!

2. News: Bille Joe Armstrong Surprises Us All With A New Album from The Longshot


There's nothing like waking up to a surprise album, and did we ever get a surprise today! Billie Joe Armstrong and his new project, The Longshot, dropped an entire 11 song album, and a music video for the title track, featuring an eyeliner-less Bille Joe. The sound isn't a far departure from Green Day, featuring Armstrong's distinct vocal pattern, plenty of power chords, and is definitely worth a listen for Green Day fans from every era. 

So far, there are no set tour dates for The Longshot, but keep your fingers crossed. 

3. Events: Record Store Day, April 21st, 2018

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, and if you're a fan, there's no doubt you've already scoped out your local records store and what goodies they'll be releasing. Visit the Record Store Day website, and it will give you a detailed list of participating store near you and exclusive pressings only being released on Saturday.

Not a collector? No problem. Head out with your friend that is a vinyl nerd (we all have one,) and check out one of the many in-store events and performances

Get out and support your local music scene, and grab up unique stuff like a record filled with beer from The Flaming Lips, and Bleacher's MTV Unplugged pressing, an RSD exclusive. 

4. Album Release: Eat The Elephant by A Perfect Circle


A Perfect Circle released their fourth studio album today, Eat The Elephant, their first in fourteen years. They previously released four singles from the album, starting back in October. It's a cohesive album that flows well together, just don't expect Mer de Noms.

Maynard James Keenan, lead vocalist and someone who clearly has trouble releasing new music in a timely manner, will be out with both APC and Tool at Rock on the Range this year. Don't miss it, as you never know exactly how many years it will be between tours and new albums.

5. Album Release: Vide Noir by Lord Huron


Lord Huron released their third studio album today, Vide Noir. The band swung by NPR and did a Guest DJ segment on the songs that shaped this album, so if you like the music and want a deeper dive, check it out. 

Lord Huron will be touring around the Midwest for the rest of April, so if you're up for it, this would make some excellent, long car trip music. 

Happy Friday! Enjoy the 20th of April!


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